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5 steps to Take Before the Crisis Comes

Hello everybody!  So far, April has been busy, busy, busy and I have missed writing to you for a couple of weeks.  I will be blogging less frequently for a while, as I get caught up on some other things, and explore some new directions.

We have had some medical emergencies (everybody is fine now), car problems, I've taken some online classes, and I am preparing for my first vendor event at the end of the month.  I will be selling jodelights! and TGC products at a Women's Spa Night on April 27.  Steve and I also attended a Marriage Encounter Weekend that was really good for us.  It is a time for couples who have a good marriage to get even better at communicating with each other.  I highly recommend it.


It was when I was sitting in the emergency room, I heard the Lord say to me, "Keep your prayer tank full".  Last fall when Steve had his stroke and I wasn't sure what was happening,  the only  prayer I could pray was Help!.  I was so overwhelmed with uncertainty that I couldn't form a prayer, the words were just not there.  Later, they would come, but in those first moments there was nothing.  Just a calm do what you have to do, then do the next thing. 

This time as Mom informed me we needed to take Dad to emergency for stitches, it was much the same.  Then nine hours later, when we were leaving, he passed out and they were concerned it might have been caused by his heart (heart was fine, passed out because of blood loss and lack of food). When I called my sister to inform her what was happening, I found out that my nephew had been in a car accident and had a sever concussion.  So much was happening all at the same time,  and there wasn't time to stop and get alone to pray!  But I realized that despite the circumstances whirling around me, in all of these crisis, I had a strange sense of peace deep inside.

When the dust finally settled, and I found out everyone would be ok, I ask the Lord what he meant by "keep your prayer tank full" and why I had felt such peace.  In answer to these questions,  He showed me 5 things I had done that had helped me during these times. We seldom know when a crisis is going to come.  We prepare for emergencies the best we can.  We carry winter survival kits in our cars, first aid kits in our homes, and are taught what to do in case of severe weather, natural disasters, and medical emergencies from bug bites to heart attacks and strokes.  All these prepare us physically for trouble.  Let's be sure we are preparing emotionally and spiritually also.  By doing these five steps, you will be able to navigate any emergency with the peace that passes understanding.


  • Keep your Prayer tank full.
  • In times of trouble, we can't always get away to a quite place and pray.  If we make it a practice to do this everyday, then when the crisis come, we have reserved energy to run on.

  • Settle in your heart that God is good all the time
  • This is something that you have to know deep down inside before trouble hits or it will be easy to doubt when crisis comes.  He is not punishing you. A good father doesn't use those kind of things to correct his children, and God is the ultimate good Father.

  • Know that God loves you.
  • He will never leave you,  you are not alone.  No matter what is going on, how things turn out, He's got you covered.

  • Keep His word in your heart.
  • An emergency room is not the best place to find out what the bible has to say about healing, peace, or taking care of all our needs.  Take time reading the bible and finding out what it says about various subjects, so when the time comes and you need to know, the Holy Spirit with bring it to your remembrance.

  • Develop a circle of friends who can and will pray when you can't
  • I am so grateful for all the people who prayed for Steve and I during his hospital stay and after.  I could feel them holding me up, giving me strength when I had none left, praying for me when the words wouldn't come.  I believe he is alive and well today because of those prayers.


    This is not something that can be done once, like putting an extra blanket in the car.  Or every season, like packing extra water and checking the flashlight batteries.  It is an ongoing process we must keep up with, just like eating.  Just like good nutrition is essential to functioning at your best, these 5 steps are essential to surviving a crisis and coming through it at your best and with peace.

    The great thing about this survival kit, is you don't have to have an emergency to use it.  It works just as well in time of celebration as it does in crisis.  And the more you use it,  the better it gets.  So let me encourage you to keep your prayer tank full!  God is good all the time and He loves you, the bible says so.  And if you need someone to pray for you, let me know.  I'd be delighted to pray with you or for you.

    See you again soon,


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