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A Delightful Fall Picnic

Jodee Schrlau

Every season has beauty of it own, winter when the sun sparkles off sparkling snow, spring bursting with new growth and birds singing, summers parade of bright colored flowers, but in the fall, the Lord paints the world with glorious colors, reds, orange and gold reaching to the sky  And there’s no better way to enjoy all of that autumn glory than with a fall picnic.   On my blog this month I explore some unique fall picnics.  I'm sharing tips and ideas to make your fall picnic a success along with a few recipes. 

What make a perfect fall picnic?  Start with an old well loved quilt spread on a bed of rustling leaves.  Add a homemade feast spread out to be enjoyed at your leisure   Finish off with blue skies filled with autumns colors viewed on a full stomach as you drift off for a nap, or a leisurely stroll down a sun dappled path.  It is carving out a slice of the busy harvest season and soaking in the cool quiet of the fall. It is time taking to savor what the Lord has blessed us with, natures wonders, good food, and company of loved ones. 

First, choose a day and location for your picnic. 

Choose a day that will allow you plenty of time to savor the surroundings and your fellow picnickers. Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly.  A rainy day doesn't mean you can't picnic, but you may want a location with a shelter.

As for a location, a nearby park, roadside table or even a corner of you own back yard can make a great picnic spot. Here are some ideas:

  • Take a leisurely drive on scenic back roads to enjoy autumn colors and picnic at a roadside table.
  • Check out local and national parks with walking or hiking trails. Pack your picnic in a backpack and hike to a scenic spot. 
  • Sign up for a guided bus tour so you can enjoy the view without thinking about driving, just carry your picnic on board.   
  • Set up your picnic up in the back or side yard of your house. Choose an area you don't usually sit in for a new view. 
  • Try spreading you picnic blanket next to a country stream, swimming hole or beach. The coolness of fall discourages most swimmers so you should be able to find a great spot to enjoy the scenery.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Next, plan you menu.

It can be a elaborate or simple as you want.  Take out from KFC or a sandwich place can work, but be sure to add some of you own touches to make it special.  Prepare enough food for the day, fresh air always seems to make us hungry, so some snacks are  recommended.  The day before, assemble sandwiches, wrap and refrigerate. Make a dessert that reflects the season. Bar cookies, cupcakes and slab pie are all great choices.  Soup is also a good choice for a fall picnic. Just before bedtime, put ingredients for the soup in the slow cooker turn the dial to low and cook while you sleep. Pour it in a thermos just before you leave.

Prep for the day. 

Try to limit the number of items you will need to carry from the car so you are not spending the day running back and forth. Planning here is the key.  Try using the Fall picnic planner to keep organized.

  • Pack plates, cups, silverware, napkins and tablecloth in your picnic basket. Any basket, box or tote that is easy to carry works,
  • A cooler for drinks and food, and a tote for the rest.  
  • Take an old quilt or blanket you don't mind getting dirty. 
  • Dress in layers so you can add or subtract as the weather changes and maybe pack an extra blanket for snuggling. 
  • Bring binoculars if you have some and your camera.   
  • Stash a basic first aid kit in your car. And don't forget the bug spray.
  • Trash bags and wet wipes will come in handy after your done eating and make clean up easier.

  I have a few picnics planned this fall and I'll tell you about some of them this month.   I created a checklist to make it easier to pull together and I wanted to share it with you.  You can  print it off and start planning your delightful picnic today!  Do you have a favorite picnic location?  If you share it with me and I just may see you there!  



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