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Being the one and only, original, marvelous, unique YOU

Jodee Schrlau

Spring is here. I can tell because our lilac bush is in full bloom.  Lilacs are a favorite of mine.  I can sit outside on the patio, cup of coffee in my hand basking in the spring sun and enjoy all the beauty of that bush, the flowers and the scent. It is actually not a pretty bush except when it is blooming. The years have not been kind to it and lack of sun on one side has made it misshapen.  But when it is blooming, it is beautiful. 

   Last week I cut some lilacs to bring inside.  That marvelous smell filled the house!  It was fresh floral scent, not overpowering.  It stirred up the desire to inhale more of that wonderful fragrance.  As they faded, I ran out to bring more in!


In contrast, I was given a lilac scented candle.  I lit it expecting that same wonderful scent to infuse the house.  At first, it was reminiscent of lilacs, but soon it became overpowering.  The lilac fragrance was only a hint in the overwhelming floral scent it gave off. The sickening sweetness of the candles scent was nothing like the original.

We are like that lilac bush.  Our Father created us beautiful.  To some of us the years have not been so kind, we may be misshapen because of the lack of Son in our lives.  But our Father sees us as beautiful.  He created you and He is well pleased with his creation.  He wants you to see the beauty He created in you and celebrate it.  Every day, all day, that is part of the worship we can offer to Him.

 John 4:23-24 says that we must worship in spirit and truth. 

"But a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth, for the Father is seeking such as these to worship Him. God is Spirit, and His worshipers must worship Him in spirit and in truth."

How do we worship in truth?  We must be ourselves, the self you were created to be. Our very life is our worship and we must offer it in truth.  Just as the fresh lilacs offered up that sweet fragrance, our worship is a sweet fragrance to our Father.( 2 Corinthians 2:15)  But if it is not offered in truth, it becomes sickening to him.  How can we praise Him for His creation, if we don't see His creation (us) as praiseworthy.

 God made you.  He did not make a mistake. He likes what he made.  You are unique. You are special. You have been given a particular set of gifts.  He has plans to for you that only you can do.  He doesn't want a copy of someone else, like that candle was. He doesn't need another Paul McCartney, he needs you to be the rock star he created you to be.  He doesn't need you to be Cary Grant, he created you to be your own movie star.  He doesn't even want you to be John Smith, Jane Doe, Sally Homemaker- they are already taken.  He wants you to be you, quirks and all, to be the 'star' of your life.  And as you do that, a sweet fragrance of worship will be inhaled by our Father.  And it will stir up the desire in Him to inhale more of that wonderful scent.  Who knows what will happen in your life, when the Father is running after you for more of the sweet fragrance of your worship. 

At times doubts, fears and insecurities have discourage me.   I've wanted straight hair, like my friends, not the mass of waves I had.  I wanted to be able to wear ballerina slippers and stand on my toes, not have corrective shoes with weak ankles. These are childish examples, but discovering and learning to love who He created is taking a lifetime. I'm learning when those doubts and fears come to go to the Father and ask Him how He sees me.  Only then can I offer my life as a sweet fragrance of worship.

So be determined to be the one and only, original, marvelous, unique YOU. Live the life He gave you as an offering of sweet fragrant worship He can't resist.

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