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Day 17-Genuine Prayers

Jodee Schrlau Delight encouragement

Proverbs 15:8

Wikipedia describes prayer as an act that seeks to activate a rapport with an object of worship through deliberate communication.  The only way build a rapport with God is through genuine and deliberate communication.

Some translations of this verse says God delights in the prayers of the upright or righteous. The Message Bible calls it praying genuine prayers. 

So what is a genuine prayer? According to, the word genuine means free from pretense, affectation(an effort to appear to have a quality not really possessed), or hypocrisy; sincere.

As a born again believer, you go to God clothed in the righteousness of Jesus.  Knowing you are acceptable to Him because of Jesus, He wants the real you to show up.  He doesn't want you to come with false humility or pretending like you have it all together. Whether you are sad, glad or mad, He wants you to be genuine with Him.

When you are trying to build a relationship with someone, you have to be real.  It takes too much energy to pretend to be something your not over any length of time.  Relationships built on that will not last and someone is likely to get hurt.

God is in this for the long haul-eternity!  He has invested all He has in your relationship. When you trust Him with your true self,  He is overjoyed!  Nothing you can do or say will disappoint Him more than you not being genuine with Him.



Exercise in Delight Give yourself permission to just be yourself with God today as you pray.  Ask Him to help you bypass all the religious teachings and pious poses so you can be genuine with Him.


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