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Day 18 Work With Willing Hands

Jodee Schrlau Delight encouragement

Proverbs 31:13b AMP

Another way for you to delight in the Lord is to do the work he gives you with willing hands and enjoy it.  To fulfill the desires of your heart, He has designed assignments specifically for you. Nobody else can do what he created for you to do. He will work with you, but He expects you to work willingly, with delight, also.

In Proverbs 3, we find the lifestyle of a virtuous woman. Verse 17 says she equips herself with spiritual, mental, and physical fitness for her God-given tasks. Then she does those tasks willingly and with great pleasure. By working with God, she achieves the desire of her heart: her husband, children, and household are well taken care of.

In Genesis 2, we see another example of working with God to fulfill the desire of the heart. God recognized that it was not good for Adam to be alone. He could have gone ahead and created Eve then, but He had a better plan. First, He needed to place the desire for companionship in Adam's heart and for Adam to understand that no animal could fulfill that. God's plan started by them working together to name all the animals. God brought each animal to Adam, and he would name it. This was an important job, but it also clarified Adam's desire for God's ultimate plan, Eve. Only when Adam was ready, did God give him Eve. With that desire fulfilled, he received his next assignment, to be a husband and father.

Just like the woman in Proverbs and Adam, you have tasks to do to achieve your heart's desires. You will need to be willing to work with God until they have been achieved. Imagine what would have happened if Adam had given up on his dream of a companion. He didn't know God was planning on creating Eve. Can you imagine how frustrating it was for Adam? Every animal brought to him, hundreds of chances, but none that fulfilled his desire. He could have gotten depressed and given up, yet he kept trusting in God and working with him.

The same can be said for our Proverbs woman. Learning to manage a large household and business takes time and effort. I'm sure she had many days she was ready to give up on her dreams, but she didn't.

You may have heard the saying: "To accomplish great things, we must not only act; but also dream. Not only plan; but also believe." Acting and planning are essential to achieving the great things God has planned for you. Each day you do the work, you are another step closer to achieving those dreams and seeing the desire of your heart happen. Doing that work willingly and with pleasure shows your trust in the Lord. That attitude and effort delight Him.



Exercise in Delight  Look for things to enjoy in the assignment He has given to you. Some tasks we do willingly but don't enjoy them.  What do you do to make those tasks a delight?  Share in the comments below what works for you.  Maybe it will work for me too!  Thanks!


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