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Day 19- Delight in His Word

Jodee Schrlau Delight encouragement waiting on God

Psalm 119:47

 Psalm 119:47- My passion and delight is in your word, for I love what you say to me!


One of our deepest desires is to hear from God. God knew this and gave us His Word, the Bible.   When we need to hear from God, we only have to open His book and read.  Also, as New Testament believers, we have been given the Holy Spirit. He is the best teacher and will lead and guide us in understanding what we read. In addition, we have multitudes of translations, concordances, commentaries, and dictionaries available to us through modern technology. On YouTube, Facebook, Podcasts, and on many ministry websites, you can find bible studies, sermons, books, blogs, and classes. These tools are wonderful, but should never replace waiting and listening for what God has to say to you. We must guard our passion and delight so that our focus is always His word and what He is saying to us.

Next time you need to hear from God, I encourage you to sit before Him and listen. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to the scriptures you need for that day. Make use of the technology available to you. Read it in different translations, look up the keywords in dictionaries, and meditate on it. Make that word your passion and delight until you hear what He is saying to you.

 Here are some of my favorite Bible study aids.  These are the ones I use most often.

 YouVersion Bible App 

Open Bible Topical

Bible Hub

Bible Gateway


Do you have a favorite app or website you use for Bible study?  I'd appreciate if you would share what you use.


Exercise in DelightAsk God a scripture pertaining to what He wants to say to you today.   You may get a book, chapter and verse or just a key word.  Make it your passion to discover what He wants you to hear.  He has a message for you and you're going to love what He has to say.

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