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Day 4-Clean Slate

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Micah 7:18

God delights in showing us mercy and loving kindness. He not only shows us mercy and loving kindness, He takes extreme pleasure in doing so.

 The Message Translation shows us what this looks like.  He wipes the slate clean of guilt.  He turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to our past sins.  He stamps out our wrongdoing and sinks our sins to the bottom of the ocean.  He doesn't nurse his anger, but shows us mercy and compassion.

Mercy is compassion or forgiveness shown toward us when it is in God's power to punish or harm.  It is a blessing of divine favor toward us.  We don't receive mercy because of anything we have done,  it is a pure gift of love from the Father through to blood of Jesus.   While salvation is a one time gift, He gives his mercy and loving kindness continuously.

It makes God happy, not just happy but extremely happy, to show us this mercy. We should do the same for ourselves and others.

As we start a new year, we need to accept that the past is the past.  God is delighted to forget it and start your new year off with a clean slate.  Don't stand in His way by holding on to past failure or even past success.   He is looking forward to new ways of expressing  His lovingkindness to you.



An Exercise in Delight

As we begin a new year, wipe your slate clean.  Take a chalkboard and write down all you failures and sins of the past year. If you don't have chalk and chalkboard, use a pencil and paper.  Pray and ask forgiveness for each one-THEN ERASE it.  God chooses not to acknowledge them any more so you don't either.  It is a fresh start for a new year and the beginning of decades of delight!

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