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Dining Room Comeback! Yea!

Jodee Schrlau

Great news!  Dining Rooms are making a comeback. 


We are beyond ready for sit-down family meals to make a comeback, and thankfully, more homeowners are opting to keep their formal dining rooms instead of converting them into media rooms or offices, says Houzz.


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Our dining room calls for us to slow down and savor a beautiful meal,  linger over coffee and desert with conversation.  Holidays, birthdays, company's coming, and the "just because" times are all celebrated best in the dinning room.  Eating in a dining room can elevate the simplest meals to something special. Burgers and fries or take out chicken taste better in the dining room. Our everyday plates look nicer with a favorite table runner.


 Cooking great meals and eating at home is becoming more popular.  Take a look at all the cooking shows, magazines, recipes websites and pinterest boards there are.  The dining room table is an obvious choice for those special meals. All the careful planning, preparing and presentation of a gourmet meal demands that same attention when being served.  Family and friends remember meals shared here, the food, the warmth and the love.  

Some of my favorite memories have been set in the dining room.  My dining room table is an old harvest table that can seat twenty, but my dining room is not that big.  It is a beautiful thing my parents found in an old barn.  It was in pieces, but they carefully restored it.  After refinishing it, Mom coated it with poly so it could be used, and use it we did.  Birthday celebrations, homework assignments, art projects and heart-to-heart talks, that dining room was a special place.  As a mom with young children, the dining room was for after school snacks and discussions, as well as the celebrations and homework.  There was a sideboard that held snacks, a tradition that has carried on even though the kids have left home.  My dining room contains pieces of our family; that table, a sideboard of grandmas, chairs from Steve's mom and my great-aunt.  It is a room filled with the love of generations, past and present.


One of the reasons I enjoy making table runners is you can change the look of your room with a new one, much easier than painting.  Runners add extra design, but aren't overwhelming.  I can dress up my table and not cover it up.  A runner can add just a touch of pattern that doesn't take over.  I use a runner on my sideboard, one on the table, and another on the serving table.  They may be different but complement each other, or all the same. At our "Crabby" Christmas - a pre-Christmas party where we served crab legs and encouraged each other to get in the Christmas spirit and not be "crabby" after days of shopping and crowds.  I worked retail where Christmas started in August and was  getting a little crabby by Christmas time.  Anyway, i used fishnet studded with seashells on all the tables.  For fall and Christmas, I mix them up.  For everyday I have one that features coffee, one that is retro diner, another futuristic car hops, antique get the idea.  Table runners are fun!

What are some of your favorite dining room memories?  I'd be delighted to hear about them, even see a picture if you would care to share.  Just use the comment section below.

And if you don't have a table runner, check out the ones I have for sale.  They come with a free table grace card and my prayers.

                                                             Delightfully yours,





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