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Why jodelights!?

 Hi everyone!

I delight in many things, but these are the two that became jodelights!

I delight in fabrics and fibers; in the process of transformation and creation; in short sewing and crafting!

As long as I can remember sewing, crafting and quilting has been part of my world.  The walls of my house are filled with quilts, displaying the warmth and love of generations, past to present.   My Dad tells stories of playing under a quilt frame while his mother and other neighbors quilted.

                Family heirloom quilt from 1940's.  One of my family quilts from 1940

My other Grandma had a huge custom made quilt frame set up in her living room and did sewing for others.  My mom made matching dresses for her, my sister and me every Christmas and Easter, new school clothes in the fall,  even Barbie doll clothes for Christmas.  Many days were spent at the fabric store and many nights I was lulled to sleep by the hum of a sewing machine. As I sew and quilt, I am continuing in the footsteps of generations past, and leaving a legacy for generations to come.  

I delight in Jesus!

I was blessed to be raised in a Christian home, and had Christian grandparents. In my mind, I can still hear Grandma singing "Count your many Blessings" and when I do, it always lifts me up. So the other legacy I was given, and wish to pass on, is a love of Jesus.  My work space is usually filled with praise and worship music and I use that time to rejoice and pray.  I plan on using this blog to remind me and you to delight in the blessing the Father has given us.  What are you delighting in today?  I look forward to hearing from you.         

                                                                           Delightfully yours,




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