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He knows MY name!

Jodee Schrlau

 “A person’s name is to that person the sweetest, most important sound in any language.”

                                                                                                                  Dale Carnegie

  The other day, I was watching a show where a Queen was in a reception line. When a person would be approaching to greet her, an assistant would whisper their name and a few personal  facts about them.  Then the Queen would greet them by name and ask about their children by name.  Suddenly, they had more respect for her and they felt they mattered to her.  They left with a positive feeling toward her, even though they did not agree with her ideas and plans.

Experts in customer service know the importance of using a persons name. When someone uses our name, it influences our behavior.  We are more open to listen to what they are saying, less prone to being rude or getting angry.  We are much more likely to return to a place where they know our name and spend more time (and money) there.

 Remember Romper Room? I do.  I waited for the end of that show when Miss(?)  looked thru that magic glass and said…    

"  Romper, stomper, bomper boo. Tell me, tell me, tell me, do.                                        

                    Magic Mirror, tell me today,  did all my friends have fun at play?"


 Then she would name the children she saw in "television land", saying,  "I can see Rebekah and Beth and Mary and Sharon and Dan and Mia and Theresa and Amber and Josiah and Ed and Steve" and so forth.  I wanted her to call my name, for her to see me thru that Magic Mirror.  My name isn't a really popular one, so when she said "I can see Jodee",  I knew she must have seen me.  I ran to tell my mom, bragged to my sister  "Miss saw me today on Romper Room!"  Mom replied with a "She did?" and smiled.  My sister looked at me with adoring big brown eyes and "Wow!" (Probably not-but I'm telling the story). But no matter their reaction, I felt special that day, she had said my name on TV, she knew I was watching.

 Research has shown that there is a particular chemical reaction that takes place in our brains when we hear our name. A person’s name is the greatest connection to their own identity and individuality. When someone calls us by name, we feel that we matter to them, that we are important and respected. We are recognized and not anonymous, and even though they might only know our name, it makes a positive and lasting impression on us.

So now I'm bragging to you. The God who created the universe sees me! He doesn't need a "Magic Mirror" to see me.  He can't take His eyes off me, just like a mother with a newborn baby.  The one who named everything that is named, named me!  With that name, He gave me my own identity and individuality. And He remembers it! He doesn't need an assistant to remind Him of what it is.  He loved me so much He tattooed my name on the palm of His hands!

 (Isaiah 49:16  - "Behold, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands)  I am known by him, He called me by my name and He sees me!

Want to know something else exciting? He sees you as well!  He is calling you by your name and if you listen carefully, you will hear Him say your name-"_______be mine."  Then you can brag about it too.  Feel free to brag in the comment section below.


God knows your name, do you know his?  Just as we want Him to see us and use our name, God wants the same thing from us.   In the bible, God  reveled His names to us to show us an attribute of His personality. I've design a mug that list God's Hebrew name and it's translation.  As you enjoy your morning coffee, meditate on one of His names and what it means for you today!

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