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Love believes all things

Jodee Schrlau

Yesterday we discovered all things means all things in the sense of each and every part that applies.  The context shows us what things are meant.  So the all things is this verse is  believing. Specifically, in this verse it is used in an ethical sense, of confidence in the goodness of men. 


 To believe, entrust, to think to be true; to be persuaded of; to credit, place confidence in; to have faith in a person or thing.  This verse is translated as always trusts, never loses faith, is ever ready to believe the best of every person.


Love “believes” in people. It can see the potential in them. It believes that God can take any person and turn them into a vessel for his glory. We must not be too guarded, too wary or distrustful to think the best of those God puts in our path to love. Our confidence in others comes from our confidence in the love of our Father for us.  He protects and heals us, not only physically, but emotionally also. He asks us to step out in love, to believe the best of everyone and believe He want the best for us.  We need to have confidence if as we step out in love and get hurt, he has us covered. 

Think about the conversion of Paul. God asks Ananias to go to Paul and share the gospel with him.  Paul was a known persecutor of Christians and he was determined to exterminate Christianity from the face of the earth.  He arrested anyone he suspected to be a Christian, throwing them in prison and even condoning their death.  One day God ask Ananias to go to this man, to step out in this "believe all things" agape love.  Ananias has a choice to make and he makes the right one.  He goes to Saul, laying hands on him, he declares that he has been sent by the Lord Jesus so that Saul may see again and be filled with the Spirit (Acts 9:17).  He baptizes Saul, formally incorporating him into the body of Christ.  Because of Ananias walking in this love, we have thirteen books of the New Testament written by Paul. Christianity was brought to the Gentiles was through Paul.

How awful to think of Ananias being too guarded or distrustful to obey.  I believe God would have sent someone else, but how sad would have that been for Ananias. By loving this way, he was allowed to partner with God for a outstanding and wide reaching miracle!

Is there someone God has place in your life that he is asking you to see the potential in, to exercise this "believe all things" agape love?  If so, know you are loving a person who God will use for His Glory!

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