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Love is: Not unbecoming

Jodee Schrlau

Love does not behave rudely.

Strong's Concordance

aschémoneó: to act unbecomingly  Definition: I act improperly, am unseemly, behave unbecomingly (or even dishonorably); perhaps: I consider (something) unseemly.

This word is translated as: rude [disrespectful,]dishonor, act unbecomingly, behave itself unseemly, act improperly, act in  shameless ways,

 unbecomingly definition from Free Dictionary:

  1. Not appropriate, attractive, or flattering: an unbecoming dress.
  2. Notin accord with the standards implied by one's character or position: conduct unbecoming an officer. 

 Why is love not to act unbecomingly?

Because unbecoming actions and attitudes do not reflect the true nature of Jesus.  These actions and attitudes can stem from lack of proper teaching, improper guidance from childhood or even indifference-"I don't care what anyone thinks of me" type attitude.  But many times an unbecoming or rude person doesn't realize his behavior is being perceived that way.

As a retail manager for 25 years, one of the most common complaints I received was someone  being rude.  It usually came as a shock to the accused, they had no idea they had been rude.  To be honest, many times they  had not been, but their actions or lack of them was perceived that way.  They hadn't said Thank you or didn't smile.  In these cases it was left with a caution, Make sure you smile and say Thank you.

Unbecoming or rudeness  causes poor relationships with others, hurt feelings, often leading to forgiveness.  This type of behavior affects our witness to the world and present an inaccurate view of what it means to be a Christian.  This can be off putting to the unbeliever.  We have all heard the saying,  " If that is what a Christian is like, I don't want to be one!"

So what do we do?  We rely on Holy Spirit who is our teacher and the one who guides us.  Only He can change our behavior, we just need to cooperate with him.  Be quick to admit when you missed it, and ask forgiveness of those who perceived you as being rude and forgive them.  And don't stop loving them.

Warning: Today's Valentine is a "vinegar valentine" that should only be shared with someone that understand this kind of humor.  But is does provide a great example of unbecoming behavior.

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