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Monday Motivation

Jodee Schrlau

 cleaning woman

Some days cleaning feels like a waist of time!  After all, it just gets dirty again.  I know, those days I need  an attitude adjustment.  So I thought I'd find some tips to motivate us to keep going.

  •  Just get started.  For those of us who don't like to clean, getting started is the hard part.  Make your cleaning time as a priority.  Don't schedule anything else during that time.
  • Adjust your plan. Don't waist time on feeling guilty about all you haven't done.  Cross it off last weeks to-do list and add it in to future plans There is no such thing as the cleaning police and you won't get a ticket for not getting everything done on time. 
  • Take before and after pictures.  You don't have to share them with anyone, but they are a great reminder of how beautiful you have made your home.
  • Break down the big tasks and set a timer.   Set the timer for 30 minutes and just do one part of a room.  Knowing you don't have to spend the entire day cleaning is great motivation to get started.
  • Find some motivational YouTube videos on cleaning.  Browse at some gorgeous rooms on Pinterest or your favorite magazine.
  • Treat it like a job.  You’re the boss and the employee here.  What would the boss-you say to employee-you to motivate her to get the job done?
  • Make it fun.  Most cleaning projects don't take a lot of our brain power so it is easy to get bored.  Take that time to pray, sing, dance, and dream.
  • Stay motivated my friends!  Send me some of your after pictures!  I'd love to ooah and aaha over them!  Let me know what keeps you motivated.
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