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Write a Valentine to Jesus

Jodee Schrlau

 -A Valentine is a love letter to someone you have chosen to be your sweetheart for the next year.  To ask someone to be your Valentine, is asking them to choose you as their sweetheart for the upcoming year. 

 Who will you choose to be your Valentine?   I'm got someone for you to considered.  Why not ask Jesus to be your Valentine.? Let me play matchmaker, and tell you about him.


Jesus is the most beautiful being you will ever meet.  It is not just outside beauty, but it radiates from the inside. He is so patience . He'll wait serenely for you to get ready and tell you it was worth the wait!  He gives the best compliments and really means what He says.  When He gives you a gift (which is often), it's something you always wanted or something you never knew you wanted, but is perfect!

 He is gentle and always, always kind, even when He is mad, which isn't often and never at you.  He doesn't like to see injustice happen in someone's life, but when right and truth come out of that situation, He celebrates.  When somebody else gets blessed, then He really celebrates! He refuses to be jealous, instead He is really happy for them and their success. Actually, He is always looking for a reason to have a party and He is so much fun to celebrate with!

 Another thing that is great about Him, He does not brag about His achievements, although He could.  He created the earth and everything in it and holds it together! He'll share with you, but He doesn’t have a swelled head, or force himself or His ideas on others.  He is not easily irritated or over sensitive, so you can be yourself around him.  He doesn't go on about times when somebody did Him wrong, He just forgives and gets on with it.

  He is  the kind of friend you can run to when you need a safe place to be or a shoulder to cry on.  No matter what happens, He can always see the good in a situation.   He gives the best advice and never stops believing the best for you. He doesn't see failure as defeat, so He never gives up and won't let you give up on yourself either.

There is so much more I could tell you!   If fact there is a whole book written about Him, you probably have read some of it.  But the best way to get to know Him is to meet Him in person.


Personally, I think He is a great match for you, and you should ask Him to be your Valentine! I know I am going to.  And since He is God, He can be all our Valentines.  Why not take a few minutes and write Jesus a Valentine.  Let Him know you choose to love Him during this year. Ask Him to be your Valentine-I promise he is waiting for you to ask.  He already told me His answer will be "Yes, I would love to be your Valentine!"  He has some awesome plans for the two of you this year, so ask!  You will be glad you did.

Here is a free printable to make Valentine for Jesus. Just print, fold and write your own message.  Keep it to remind yourself that you promised to be His Valentine this year.

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