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Join me as we explore one of God's most marvelous works--YOU

We are his workmanship, everything He makes is marvelous, and He is delighted with us.  Do you know that, have no doubt about it?  When you look into a mirror are you awed by God's creation? (not in a stuck up way, but in a grateful way)   If not, it will affect your relationship with him. 

 Our launching point is Psalms 139:14

"Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous--how well I know it." NIV

 "and I praise you because of the wonderful way you created me. Everything you do is marvelous! Of this, I have no doubt." CEV

Join me

 I believe as we take this journey together with Holy Spirit, he will reveal more of our unique marvelousness.  Most of these posts are short, 2-3 minute reads    After you read that days post, I suggest you spent another 5 minutes or more with the Lord.  As He speaks to you, write down what you hear in a separate notebook.  I  tend to write down stuff in any notebook that is handy.  Then I have a hard time finding what I've written! A special notebook set aside just for this will make it easier to find later.  Any time you are doubtful of how wonderful you are you can go back and be encouraged.   Any notebook will do, but I've designed a companion journal and coffee mug to go along with this series.  Check them out at the end of this page.

Day 1: My Marvelous Brain

Day 2: Marvelous Mornings

Day 3: Marvelous Days

Day 4: Marvelous Nights

Day 5: Marvelous DNA

Day 6: Marvelously Formed

Day 7: Marvelous Eyes

Day 8: Marvelous Tongue

Day 9: Marvelous Hands



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Set time aside to ask God about you,and what He created you for.   Then use this journal to record what He says to you in your quite time with Him.  There are 2 lined journal pages for each day and 2 blank pages for pictures and doodles every week.  

Journal $12.54

Sip you morning coffee from this 11 oz mug as you talk and listen to the Father tell you about the plans, dream and desires He has for you.

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