Changes: Revival that Brings Transformation

Changes: Revival that Brings Transformation

 Today's Prompt:  Changes **

I have heard for some time that changes were coming in the media.

It seems that those reports may have been correct, and it is starting to happen before our very eyes.  A different headline has appeared in a media filled with fake news, WOKE, anti-Christian, and leftist agendas.

  • Marathon Kentucky prayer meeting goes viral, fueling talk of nationwide Christian revival - Washington Times
  • A nonstop Kentucky prayer 'revival' is going viral on TikTok, and people are traveling thousands of miles to take part The gathering has been going on for 24 hours a day at a small Christian college. - NBC News
  • Christian university in Kentucky draws pilgrims nationwide amid spiritual revival: 'Gives me so much hope' - Fox News
  • Carlson: Asbury Revival 'Amazing,' People Turning to Spiritual Life to Counter Evil in the World - Tucker Carlson
  • A nonstop worship gathering at a Kentucky school echoes an old Christian tradition  - CNN
  • Asbury University's latest revival spreads to several states- Washington Post
  • Day 8 of the great Asbury revival. People are FLOCKING and waiting in line by the thousands to get inside and worship our Lord. A revival is happening. GOD IS NOT DEAD! - Graham Allen on Twitter

            This small revival is taking the media by storm. The articles I have read have been encouraging and hopeful.  They have not made fun of the experience nor put down the people involved.  It shocks me that these news outlets are even acknowledging that revivals happen, let alone reporting that one is happening now.   Could this be a sign that revival is coming to our nation?


            And Asbury is not the only place revivals are breaking out.  That is just the one getting national coverage.


            What is revival?

            I heard this word my whole life and have never experienced it.  I have experienced a renewal which is different from revival. Renewal happens on a personal level whereas revival is corporate.  Rev. Dr. Alistair Petrie explains the difference.

            "Renewal is the stirring up of the people of God in a given area to the love and purpose of God with a fresh awareness of the activity of the Holy Spirit and a return to the seeking of God’s power in their lives. It is an empowering of the Holy Spirit and an enrichment of the fruit of the Spirit in their lives, often releasing a new discovery of praise and adoration and worship with a fresh understanding of God’s call in our lives.
            Revival is the “reviving” or “restoration” of the Presence of God returning to His people in order that His Presence lives in their midst thus affecting every part of life in that Church in a corporate and collective manner. A new desire for prayer and a new urgency to respond to the purposes of God begins to descend upon people both within and beyond the church walls. Conversions begin to increase and a Fear of the Lord begins to descend upon an area. The people in that area have extended an invitation for the Lord to come and dwell in their midst and they are willing to submit every aspect of life under His Kingdom Rule and Reign."


            What happens during a revival?

            “Authentic revivals return the church to what it is supposed to be, The people of God faithfully following Jesus.” Howard Snyder


          • Transformation.
          • During a true and correctly stewarded revival, changes happen.  Personal renewal takes place in the lives of the congregation. An authentic transformation happens that is only possible through the presence of the Lord, and the intervention of the Holy Spirit.
            Revival is for the purpose of transformation.  It is to align the area with the values of the Kingdom of God.  It will make changes in society and economics that reflect the presence of God in the community.  A great example of this is the Welsh Revival. The newspapers wrote columns on what was happening in the revival each day, and several London newspapers dedicated a whole column to it every morning.
            One newspaper report said this: "Truly God has visited His people in Wales. It is not a question of one town being awakened, but of the whole Principality being on fire. Profanity silenced, public-houses deserted, theatres closed, betting books burned, football teams disbanded, police courts idle, family feuds pacified, old-standing debts paid, sectarianism and ecclesiasticism submerged, the family altar re-erected, and Bible study become a passion – it is certainly a wonderful record. “This is the finger of God.”
            They said even the pit ponies, who were used to blasphemy, did not understand the changed language the colliers were using.  They refused to respond to the miner's cleaned-up language.
            • Increase of the Supernatural.
            Besides transformation, we should expect an increase in supernatural activity.  Signs, wonders,  dreams, visions, spiritual gifts, and supernatural healing are all hallmarks of revival. 
            Eyewitnesses at the Azusa Street Revival reported a holy glow shining from the building that could be seen from streets away. The Glory shows up as a thick fog in meetings today, with gold dust and feathers often falling.
            During the healing revival of the 1950s, William Branham had an astonishing use of authentic spiritual gifts, especially discernment of spirits, word of knowledge, and healing.
            One report on Marie Woodworth-Etter's revival states:
            “People fell into trances, experienced visions of heaven and hell, collapsed on the floor as if they’d been shot or had died,” reports Revival Library. “Thousands were healed of a wide variety of sicknesses and diseases and many believers, even ministers, received mighty baptisms of the Holy Spirit.”

            What causes a revival?

            Revival comes when people are hungry for change.  It happens at a time when only God showing up can change our situation.  When people are desperate, they cry out.  Even if the world doesn't know who they are crying out to, God hears their cry. Just as He heard the cry of Israel when they were captive in Egypt, He hears them now.

            As Christians, we are praying for a revival that brings transformation. Our cities, states, nations, and the world desperately need that transformation.  We are hungry for the changes that only the power of God can bring. 

            Are you ready?

            A big concern for many is that the church will not recognize and accept what God is about to do.  During each revival, some in the established church rejected the new move of God. During the Jesus Movement, some Christians didn't like the "long-haired Jesus freaks".  They were too different and were not embraced into the body as they should have been. Many revivals have begun, only to fade away before true transformation could be established.

            Revival is coming; it may already be here. Now is the time to determine how you will receive and steward the coming revival.  Praise and worship may look and sound different, as different as today's did to those who only sang hymns.  Preaching may be different, or there may be none at all.  The presence of God will be stronger, and the gifts of the Spirit will flow.  Unique, never seen before supernatural events will happen.


            Will you accept the changes that true revival brings?  Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone and step into faith?  Are you ready for the Holy Spirit to shake out the religious spirits?  Can you believe God is moving, even if you've never seen it before?

            I pray that the answer to those questions is YES. You were chosen, by God, to be alive during the greatest revival the world has ever known because you have a part to play in it.

            This revival needs you to steward it into transformation.

            The Kingdom needs your gifts and talents.

            New converts need your love and guidance.

            And the Lord wants you there because He likes you and wants to bless you.


            It's time for World's Greatest Revival, 3rd Great Awakening, End-Time Harvest, or whatever you want to call it.

            Are you ready?

            **This post is part of the #write28days Challenge, writing and posting EVERY DAY in February


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