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  • Gourmet Food Mixes

    Each mix includes all the dry ingredients, and you simply add one or two other ingredients for a quick and easy gourmet meal. Our products are individually handmade in Southeast Texas and most contain no msg or preservatives.

    The Gourmet Cupboard 
  • July Special - $27.75

    Blueberry Lemon Glazed Streusel Cookies

    White Chocolate Raspberry Dip/Pie

    Hawaiian Fruit Salad


    FREE MIX-Raspberry Glazed Pork

    Note—Counts as 4 mixes for the buy 8 get free shipping option.

  • Party Package: $56.00

    Dill Dip * Tropical Chicken Salad * Chicken Salad * Hawaiian Cheese Ball * Corn Dip * Cake Batter Dip* Cookie Dough Dip * Spinach Dip * Chili Cheese Dip * PLUS Free Sangria Wine Slush Mix & FREE SHIPPING!

    To purchase, Click on button below, then type Party Package into the search bar.

    The Gourmet Cupboard 
  • Hello, I'm Jodee

    My passion is for you to truly understand that God is delighted in you, right here right now, no matter what circumstances you are in. 
    Not only does He love you, He likes you, and you give Him great pleasure.

    And because He delights in you, He has planned a delightful life for you, one full of joy, abundance & fun!

    Your first step toward this delightful life is a personal relationship with the Father, Jesus & Holy Spirit. If you would like to take that step, click below.

    Meet My Friend, Jesus