31 Days of Delight

31 days of delight


Psalms 37:4 reveals that as we delight in the Lord, he will give us the desire of our heart. The word for delight here means to bend toward or be inclined toward.  As you incline yourself toward the desires that God places in your heart, he will provide what you need to make those desires happen.

 As a new month begins, no matter how good or bad is was, I know you desire the next one to be better.   You are setting  goals and creating your vision board based on the desires of your heart. You are motivated to make it your best.

 Now make time to delight in the Lord and watch it happen.

 I'm delighted you are joining me as we dedicate the next 31 days to delighting in the Lord. We will look at scriptures that instruct and encourage us on what delighting in the Lord looks like.  And we will discover what delights Him (spoiler alert-you are what delights Him).  The blogs will be a short read but each day has a Exercise in Delight included.  This exercise is something to do to put action to our delight. 

  So grab your notebook or journal and get started!  

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Exercise in Delight

What are your desires for 2020 and the new decade?  Write them down and add them to your vision board.  Expect to see God start working them into your life this month as we Delight in the Lord.






P.S. I've given this series  a new home! You can find it here-31 Days of Delight