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Thankful Thursday-Kitchen

Jodee Schrlau cleaning Delight

Old wood stove


That Old Kitchen Stove

by David Harold Judd


That old kitchen stove
O how my memory clings,
As my thoughts turn back to the savory things
That emerged from it's oven, Its pot and it's kettles
When my mother was matron of those relishing victuals.
With rattle and clatter and din
The table was loaded with the brightest of tin
The fire was given a punch and a poke
And the quaint stone chimney, how it would smoke.
The embers on the hearth would sparkle and glow,
As if for the occasion they were anxious to go;
Enthused, as it were, by my Mother's desire
For she trusted completely that old stove fire.


Thankful for my self cleaning oven today~


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