3 Steps to Rekindle Your Enthusiasm

3 Steps to Rekindle Your Enthusiasm

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Somewhere along the way, I lost my enthusiasm.

  Maybe it was because of the shutdowns.

      Maybe it was a side effect of surgery.

           Maybe it was the elections.

               Maybe it was the weather-Steve blames everything on the weather.

 But whatever it was, my enthusiasm, my passion dried up.  I realized I had become the passive person described in Proverbs 12:27

A passive person won’t even complete a project,
but a passionate person makes good use
of his time, wealth, and energy.
Proverbs 12:27  TPT


So what should we do when we realize we have lost our enthusiasm?

As I was talking to God about this, I was led to Revelations 2.  The church in Ephesus was doing all the right things but had lost their passion.  Jesus gave them three key to rekindle their passion: remember, repent, and return.


The first step in regaining my enthusiasm was to remember.  He had me review the mission and vision for jodelights! and the accomplishments of the past year.


Next, I needed to repent, change my thinking, and seek God's will.  Had I lost my enthusiasm for this business because it was time to move on to something else?  Or did I need to change the way I was looking at this and continue on?  I also had to get rid of the guilt I felt about being a passive (other translation use with word lazy) person described above.  The bible has all kinds of scary things to say about what happens to a lazy person.  Just reading a few will give you the enthusiasm to repent!


Finally, I had to set some new goals and get back to work.  I needed to redevelop good habits and get back on schedule.

When it comes down to it, the responsibility for maintaining our enthusiasm sits on our shoulders.  Holy Spirit will help, but we are the ones who have to how to do it and then keep on doing it.t.  As the scripture  says, the passionate person makes good use of his time and energy.


Here are some things I did that have helped.

One of the tools I used for this exercise was a presentation I found in Canva. You can check it out at the end of the blog.  Preparing it has rekindled some of my passion, and I believe this @write28days challenge will also help.  Prayer, praise, and worship are always uplifting, so I schedule time for them.  I've also been reviewing the promises God has given me through His word and in my personal time in His presence.

And of course, there is the weather.  Steve says there are only  45 days until spring!  Mornings with Jesus and coffee on the porch, that is something to get enthusiastic about!


What do you do to regain your enthusiasm when it is waning?



jodelights! 2021 by Jodee Schrlau


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Great word, Jodee! “Jesus gave them three key to rekindle their passion: remember, repent, and return.”

Your canva presentation was inspiring!

Lisa Blair

I never thought of blaming the weather. 😊

Rebecca Jones

Canva is one of my all-time favorite tools. It helps me stay motivated. :) And spring on the way definitely helps too! Remember, repent, and return—great insight for how Jesus wants passion rekindled.

Lisa notes

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