May Journey:  WOTY 2024

May Journey: WOTY 2024

My One Word for 2024: Savor


I received an email from Bishop Mark  Chironna today on the blessing of silence and beholding.   I want to share some of what he wrote because it describes a way we can practice savoring.   It is in times of silence and beholding, we can truly savor our God and all He has done for us.

He writes:

" Silence is not merely the absence of noise; it is a vast interior landscape that invites us to stillness. It is within this sacred stillness that we can truly listen to God’s voice and experience His presence (Psalm 46:10).
There are different forms of silence we can practice: the silence of the tongue, the body, the soul, the mind, and the spirit. The silence of the spirit, in particular, is when our minds cease from all stirrings and are moved solely by Being itself. This kind of silence allows us to be fully aware of God’s presence, resting in His peace and grace.
Linked closely to silence is the practice of beholding. The word "behold" is used extensively in Scripture, over thirteen hundred times in Hebrew and Greek texts. Beholding goes beyond mere seeing; it is an inward vision that allows us to perceive the profound truths God reveals. When we behold, we engage deeply with God’s word and His world, seeing through the eyes of faith.
I encourage each of you to make space for silence in your daily routines. Allow this practice to draw you closer to God and deepen your spiritual awareness. Engage in beholding, looking beyond the surface to perceive the divine truths that God is revealing to you. Through these practices, may you find renewed strength, hope, and a deeper connection with our Lord.
Together, let us cultivate a life of silence and beholding, embracing the fullness of God’s presence and His transforming power in our lives. May we be a congregation that listens attentively, discerns wisely, and steps forward in faith, embodying the love and grace of Christ in all we do."
Bishop Mark J Chironna, PhD

Below are some prayers he shared to guide us in the practice of Silence, Stillness, and Beholding. 


Embracing Sacred Silence


Heavenly Father,

We come before You seeking the sacred silence that draws us closer to Your heart. Quiet our tongues, still our bodies, calm our minds, and soothe our spirits. In the depths of this holy silence, may we hear Your voice and feel Your presence. Teach us to embrace this silence as a pathway to deeper communion with You. Amen.


The Gift of Stillness

Lord Jesus,

Grant us the gift of stillness amidst the chaos of our daily lives. Help us to find moments to pause, reflect, and rest in Your peace. In this stillness, let us become more aware of Your guiding hand and Your gentle whisper. May our hearts be attuned to Your will, and our lives be a reflection of Your love and grace. Amen.


Beholding God’s Glory

Holy Spirit,

Open our eyes to behold Your glory in all creation. Help us to see beyond the surface and perceive the profound truths You reveal. As we behold Your majesty, may our spirits be lifted and our faith deepened. Let this vision inspire us to live lives that honor and glorify You. Amen.


Finding God in Silence

Almighty God,

In the quiet moments of our lives, we seek to find You. Remove the distractions that keep us from fully experiencing Your presence. As we sit in silence, may we become more aware of Your nearness and Your unending love. Help us to cherish these moments of quiet as opportunities to connect with You more deeply. Amen.


The Power of Listening

Gracious Father,

Teach us the power of listening in the silence. May our ears be open to Your word and our hearts receptive to Your guidance. In the stillness, help us to discern Your voice above all others. Let our lives be a testament to the wisdom and direction we receive from You in these quiet times. Amen.


Transforming Stillness

Lord of Peace,

Transform our lives through the practice of stillness. As we pause to reflect and listen, may we be renewed and strengthened by Your presence. Let this stillness become a source of healing and transformation for our souls. Guide us to carry this peace into every aspect of our lives, influencing our actions and interactions. Amen.


Living in the Light of Beholding

Eternal God,

As we behold Your wonders, may we live in the light of Your presence. Fill our hearts with awe and gratitude for the beauty and majesty of Your creation. Let our beholding lead us to deeper worship and a more profound commitment to follow You. May we become vessels of Your love, shining Your light in a world that desperately needs Your grace. Amen.




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I’ll admit that I have a problem with silence. If it is too quiet, my mind wanders to my to-do list and the amount of coffee left in my cup.

Barb Hegreberg

How nice that the email from your bishop was so in tune with your word. Much to savor here in your post, Jodee. Thanks for linking up with us.

Lisa notes

Jodee, I appreciate the call to savor and cultivate the “practice of Silence, Stillness, and Beholding.” ~Lisa, One Word #8

Lisa Blair

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