8 ways to celebrate National Coffee Day and a peek at what I did.

8 ways to celebrate National Coffee Day and a peek at what I did.

 Next Saturday, September 29, 2018. is National Coffee Day! 

National Coffee Day

There is even a Countdown clock that will show you the number of days, hours, minutes & seconds until National Coffee Day 2018.  It's like Christmas, only coffee instead of presents, although coffee always makes a good gift.  Here is the link to the countdown clock if you want to check out exactly how much time you have left to prepare for the  holiday.  https://www.worldnationaldays.com/national-coffee-day-2018/

In preparation for this holiday - yes it is a real holiday - I created a coffee station, right in my office!  I can just roll my desk chair over and get hot coffee, tea or cocoa any time I want.  How awesome is that!

coffee station at jodelights! office

I've been wanting to do this for sometime now, but just got it pulled together.  My kick start was receiving this hand painted sign my sister-in-law had done for me.  She found this out of the way tea shop in Texas and had the artist paint it.  The colors are my jodelights! green and the orangey color is perfect with my walls..  It reads All I Need: a little coffee, a whole lot of Jesus.

hand painted wall plaque

I had a Keurig coffee maker I received for Christmas and a lamp my Dad made from an old coffee grinder.

coffee grinder lampThese went on a microwave cart my son left behind when he moved (Thanks, Josiah), It has drawers for the k-cups and cabinet to store water.  I used a basket to store some TGC coffees.

microwave cart coffee station

I saw an idea on Pinterest about spray painting an old clipboard and using it to hang a picture.  I used gold paint I had, let it dry, then sprayed some black very lightly over the top. I found a free printable on Pinterest and in about 20 minutes I had another inspirational quote for the wall.  There are lots of free printables on Pinterest, but here is where I found mine. Pinterest Shanty 2 Chic

free printable coffee wall art

However, the piese de resistance is the picture of Steve drinking coffee at an outdoor cafe. The one on the wall didn't photo well, so here is a better picture of it..

handsome man drinking coffee

And since holidays are gift giving time, I'm giving away some TGC coffees!  To enter, just leave a comment.  I'll choose 2 winners on Coffee Day Eve (Sept 28, 2018) and announce the winners on Coffee Day.

So how are you going to celebrate National Coffee Day this year?  Not sure what to do?  Here are a few ideas.

  1. Create your own coffee station to keep that holiday spirit alive all year long.
  2. Be adventurous and try a new flavor.  The Gourmet Cupboard has delicious mild flavors. For a complete list of The Gourmet Cupboard coffees, click here
  3. Clean your coffee pot, grind your own beans, brew your favorite flavor, and sip it on the porch.
  4. Take a thermos and go for a drive.  Don't forget the cookies.
  5. Make some cold brew to have on hand for the day.  Get the instructions from my post Cold Brew for a Hot Day here.
  6. Start a new habit, have coffee with Jesus in the morning.
  7. Take a friend out for coffee (I'm available, give me a call)
  8. Buy a new mug to drink it in- Here is my latest one-More about it later!  Sassy Mug

We know Jesus delighted in celebrations, and I'm sure if He was here in person, He would be celebrating National Coffee Day with us.  Whether you drink coffee or not, make Sept. 29 a delightful day because this is a day that the Lord has made.  Rejoice  and be glad in it.

Don't forget to leave a comment so you can be included in the 2018 Coffee Day give away from TGC and me!

Have a delightful holiday coffee

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