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Delighting in Coffee (just for fun)

Jodee Schrlau

Today, I'd thought I'd share some of my favorite coffee sayings with you. I used lots of pictures in case you haven't had your coffee yet.

(Note- Pictures that are not mine all came from Pinterest.  Visit my page Coffee   at              to visit the original pins and pinners)


One of my favorite times of day is my morning coffee.   

Grab your cup, pour yourself some coffee, sit back and I'll tell you all about it.


I am blessed to have a bible believing man in my life.  He gets up very early (3 am usually) and starts the first pot of coffee. As it brews, he stands by the window and thanks God for the upcoming day. 

Before He leaves for work, he starts another pot, so I have fresh hot coffee when I wake up-no waiting!  I have been truly blessed by God.

That first cup is me-time, saying hello to God and just embracing the day.

A few minutes later, with the second cup, I talk to God about my day and what He has planned for me.

With my third cup, I pray for you, my readers, my family, and what ever else He has laid on my heart.

 A fourth cup sees me through all my emails and Facebook posts. 

Another cup is poured and refreshed as necessary through out the day. 

I have a Keurig coffee maker that make one hot cup of delight at a time (possibly the BEST gift I have ever received!).  


Together we explore  a vast array of flavors, before switching to decaf. I try to drink decaf after 3 pm. 



Coffee is definitely one of the delights in my life.  

I thank God for creating it, for giving man the wisdom to make it, and for placing me in the earth at this time when it is available

My coffee cup is empty now.


or send me your favorite coffee saying. I'd love to hear them!  I'll think I'll have another cup while I'm waiting.


P.S. one more

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