Serendipity: the Favor of God

Serendipity: the Favor of God

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Serendipity! When I first saw today word, I smiled. I love saying this word; it just make me happy to say it. Serendipity!



 But as I sat down to write about it, I realized I wasn't sure what it was.  So, I grabbed a cup of coffee and did some research.  It was serendipitous what I found!

When I first started thinking about this, I was concerned.  Is the concept of serendipity even biblical?  As I prayed about it, Holy Spirit showed me a few examples of serendipity in the Bible.

  • Ruth just happened to glean from Boaz's field, which led to her marrying him and having a son who was a many times great-grandfather of David.
  • The spies just happened to choose Rahab's place to hide.  She was saved when Jericho was destroyed and was a many times great grandmother to Jesus.
  • Only one little boy had lunch packed that would be multiplied to feed thousands.  Why did nobody else have any food?

So it appears that serendipity is a biblical concept.


Serendipity is defined as finding pleasing things that you had not been looking for. It is also the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.  Serendipity is considered a common occurrence in product invention and scientific discovery. One person describes serendipity as the process of making happy discoveries along the road of life.


I see serendipity as an expression of God's favor.  Favor can be defined as  demonstrated delight  Serendipity is a tangible expression of that favor.

  •  It's sitting by the right person in a conference.
  • It's finding money in a parking lot. 
  • It's popsicles, potato chips, coke cola, and chocolate chip cookies.
  • It's post-it notes and microwave ovens.  The invention of these is definitely  God showing his favor through serendipity!   If you want to have some fun, google accidental inventions.  You'll be amazed at what people discovered while trying to invent something else.
  • It's is being in the right place, and the right time, and receiving you miracle-when you didn't even know you should be there.


Serendipity, or the favor of the Lord, is often just considered a coincidence.  I don't believe in coincidences. As a child of God, I believe He guides my footsteps and makes my paths straight.  Serendipitous experiences are just God's way of showing His favor and delight in me.  As I walk with Him, serendipity will be a normal part of my life and testimony.

Instances of serendipity happen in our lives much more often than we acknowledge them.  We don't see them because we are not looking for them, or we are not open to the possibilities they hold.  Where would we be if Ruth Wakefield, the owner of Tollhouse Inn, had thrown out her chocolate cookies because the chocolate didn't melt the way she imagined it would?

God's favor is all around us everyday.  If He knows you're looking for it, He will make sure you find it.  The more you expect and look for serendipity, the more you will experience it in your life.

Steve, just told me the local weather says to expect thunder-snow.  I've never heard of that before. It's single-digit cold, and we are expecting 4-8 inches of snow today, now a thunderstorm, too.  Humm, by chance, I just happen to have what I need for some chocolate chip cookies and cocoa. That is Serendipity!

Stay warm, my friends, and look for your serendipity.  Another opportunity will be here soon.  When it happens, drop me a note.  I'll do a happy dance with you!

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Jodee what a delightful article
It’s the first time I have come across your “blog” for want of a better word.
Thank you
I’m going to be looking for God’s unexpected surprises

Lorna south africa

That was a warm beautiful article.My word of today from the holy spirit was exactly that word serendipity thank you my sister and have a blessed day.

Rosie Joseph

I do believe in serendipity because this is a favor that comes from God. we all have to be grateful for our fathers’ gift to his children. I do believe what you said as i am waiting a job promotion i know it shall come in Jesus Christ name amen. thanks for sharing.


This really blessed my spirit! A timely word even today!

Chrissy K. M.

Oh I love your definition of serendipity as an expression of God’s favor! I think of serendipity – and coincidence – as God choosing to remain anonymous. I like to imagine his delight when we stumble across the blessings that he has serendipitously arranged for us!
Visiting from Write28Days on FB


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