The Most Important Thing You Can Learn

The Most Important Thing You Can Learn

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The number one most important thing you can learn is to hear God's voice. I'm not talking about an audible voice, although He does speak that way. But usually, He speaks into your spirit. If you can learn to hear His voice and listen to what He is saying, you will live the delightful life He has planned and prepared for you.

 This communication with us was why He sent Jesus to the cross.  Jesus died, conquered death, hell, and the grave to restore fellowship between you and the Father.  That is how important it is to Him that you hear His voice.

There is something special about hearing the voice of a loved one who you can't see.  When Steve can't see me, he often calls out, even though we are in the same house. Hearing my voice and knowing I'm ok gives him a sense of peace.  Texting and sending letters or cards through the mail is great, but hearing the voice of someone you care about makes the distance seem smaller.

It's the same with God.  Hearing His voice gives us a sense of peace and well being.  It lets us know we are not alone, that He is still there, even if we can't see Him.  It is wonderful to sit down and get quiet to listen to Him

But you don't always have the luxury of doing that.

 You need to hear His voice in a crowded room for direction.  In the middle of an argument, you need His voice for guidance.  When the kids are screaming, you need to hear His voice to restore calm.

You need to hear the love in His voice when the pain is unbearable or if the grief is overwhelming.   You need to hear His voice when you are giddy with joy and laughing outrageously.  In fact, I can't think of a single situation where you don't need to hear His voice!

Have you heard the saying: "God is always talking, you just aren't listening."?  Hearing God's voice is a skill you can learn, and God desires us to learn it.  But like every skill, it takes practice.  There are many voices out there, and it is an ongoing lesson to discern which one is God.  Even those closest to God, like Moses, Abraham, and Elijah, missed what He said to them at times.  You have an advantage over them, though.  You have been given the Holy Spirit as a teacher and guide.  

To learn someone's voice, you must get to know them.  The best way to get to know God is by reading and studying His word.  The better you know Him, the easier it is to tell His voice.  Ask Him for ears to hear and be confident that He will answer with a resounding YES!

 From there, it takes practice.  Write down what you hear and only what you heard. Be careful not to add your own voice to what is being said. Check it against what the bible says.  Weight it against the character of God-love.  Put your listening ears on, keep them on, and check that they are still working often throughout the day.

One last thought, don't get weird.  Be careful about saying "God said" or "God told me."  Not everyone is open to hearing that, so you should know who you are talking to. Rely on the Holy Spirit to help you impart the knowledge and information He gives you without saying, God said.

What is something you have learned that helped you hear God's voice?  I'd love for you to share it in the comments below.

Have a delightful day



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Amen, Jodee. So beautifully spoken. Blessings.
Visiting from #write28days.

Paula Short

So true, Jodee! “The number one most important thing you can learn is to hear God’s voice.”

Lisa Blair

Thank you for sharing. I agree that learning to hear God’s voice is very important. I’m visiting from #write28days

Patti P

Life in this world can be so chaotic and noisy! I am legally blind so it is difficult to read so I listen to Bible devotions through podcasts (namely Carey Green or Max Lucado). It’s amazing…the more I do this the more I can “hear” His voice in whatever I’m doing. Thank you for such an encouraging post!

C Ann Golden

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