Tiny Thought for Today

Tiny Thought for Today

Today's Prompt: Tiny**


Just a thought, a tiny little thought today.


The difference a tiny improvement can make over time is astounding.


Small changes eventually add up to huge results.


Today, I will believe one thing that God has promised me in His Word.

 Just one.


I'll make that tiny improvement in my mindset to agree with what He said.

I will allow that truth to make small changes in my life today.


That is it. One tiny little thought today.

**This post is part of the #write28days Challenge, writing and posting EVERY DAY in February


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Love this Jodee. Sometimes all it is, is one tiny thought isn’t it.
Visiting today from #Write28Days.

Paula Short

I hope your tiny thought will include that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14 or another tiny thought, our Great Big Beautiful God loves you with an everlasting love Jeremiah31:3. Blessings Diana

Diana Rockwell

believing one promise is a wonderful step to start with! Just think what God can do when we start!


Your tiny little thought is a powerful one!

Lisa Brittain

It’s amazing how much a difference that even one tiny thought can make!

Lisa notes

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