Useful Again: Redeemed for a Purpose

Useful Again: Redeemed for a Purpose

Today's Prompt: Useful

We have a shed out back that is in need of being torn down.  But first, it has to be cleaned out.  Over the years, it has been a place where things we didn't use or need at the time have been put to "deal with later".  So one of my projects this summer is to deal with all that stuff so we can demolish that shed.  I've been throwing away, repurposing, and cleaning up items I've found.  It has been my own little treasure hunt!

 One of the items I found was a bunch of silverware Steve picked up for free at the end of an estate sale.  They had been thrown into a basket, placed in the shed and forgotten.  Over the years I've wondered what happen to them, but had never found them.  While cleaning out the shed, under some vases, leaves. and trash, there was that bunch of silverware.  The timing was perfect as I was looking to buy some more everyday flatware.  Some how we have lost most of our forks and knives.   How does that happen?

So I sprayed them off with the hose outside to get the leaves, bugs, and debris off.  Then into the house for a good soapy wash, then I boiled them and washed them again.  Finally, I polished them with some vinegar and most of them turned out beautiful.  They have been redeemed and are useful again.

 But there is one that is taking a lot more work.  For some reason,  cleaning this spoon has become a personal challenge.  As I continued to work on cleaning that spoon, holes appeared.  At first I thought I had ruined it, but then I realized it was a slotted spoon!  The real use for that spoon didn't become apparent until layers of caked on gunk had been removed.

As I worked on it, the Lord started speaking to me.  We are like that bunch of silverware.  We come to Jesus dirty and He washes away our sin with His blood.  As we soak and get scrubbed by His word, we become ready to use.  There are some areas that take a little more work and even other that take a lot of work.   Sometime times it is a gentle spray and wash, but at others times, it is a little like soaking in vinegar, being taken out and scrubbed and boiled in hot water.  Not a fun experience, but necessary, if we are to be made fit for His use.  And as we submit to this process, our real purpose starts to be revealed.



  God used this silverware to invite me into that secret place with Him for a deeper cleaning.  Most of me has been cleaned and He is using what He has made ready, but I sense there is more.  I'm waiting for my real purpose to be revealed.  Like that spoon, I've seen hints of what my purpose is, but in order to be fit for His use, I need to submit to that deeper cleaning.

 And I realize I am resisting, but why?

 One reason is I don't like change.  I am comfortable with my caked on gunk. If that is taken away, cleaned up, what will be revealed?

What if I don't like it? 

What if I can't do it? 

What if I don't want to do it? 

Do I not truly understand His love and that He wants only what is best for me?  I have to find the courage to go there and submit my will to His.

 The truth is, we have all been created for a deeper purpose.  He has plans for all our days, and if we listen and follow His leading, we will fulfill the real purpose we were placed on earth to do. But we can't do it by our self.  The closer we get to living our lives fulfilling His real purpose, the more we need His help to do it.  It is a new level of dependence on Him, a new level of surrender, a new level of obedience.  It is how we delight in Him and where we become more of a delight to Him.

That spoon may never be fit for use as a eating utensil, no matter how much I clean it.  But it has a new purpose, to remind me to allow God to clean me for His use, so I my life can reveal the true purpose I was created for.

As for cleaning out that shed, I've got a lot left to go through, but here are a few more of my finds.


 I'm looking forward to seeing what God has planned for me and the treasures I find.  Stay tuned for more!  You can see the kitchen cart project here: Kitchen Cart Restoration

May God give each of us the courage to go through His cleaning process so we are fit for His use.

Originally posted in July 2018, as Fit For Use  Rewritten and posted as part of the #write28days Challenge, writing and posting EVERY DAY in February.


P.S.  Does anyone know what this would be used for?  It is a spoon with fork tines, curved on one side and flat on the other???

I'd love to know, please send me your thoughts.

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Great analogy, Jodee! I researched the fork and I think it might be an ice cream fork. The article said, “The design features a spoon-like bowl but the tip is divided into three to four short tines which aid in breaking up hardened ice cream.” And this probably explains the flat side of the spoon – to help cut the hard part of the ice cream.

Lisa Blair

What a perfect analogy! Love that you’ve found some useful treasures among the things to “deal with later”. I was thinking that spork thing might be for seafood or grapefruit?


I love how God is using even something as cleaning out a shed to teach us things!

Lisa notes

Jodie your words resonate with me so! What a perfect analogy mi love when God uses the most simple thing to teach us what we need to know. Your insight is a lesson I need too! Thank you for sharing.

Cindy Wilkins

This is so good, Jodee! We all have a useful purpose in life, but sometimes we get covered in funk and we lose sight of our purpose. Is that perhaps a grapefruit fork? Or maybe one for seafood?

Anita Ojeda

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