What size in your Frying Pan?

What size in your Frying Pan?

 What size is your frying pan?

As I have been doing my spring cleaning I have come across areas in my house that need more than just  cleaning. A kitchen rug that had been washed too many times needed to be replaced.  Loose floor tile that needs fixed. A bookcase needed to be relocated to make room for another desk in the office.  These little improvements lead to a better functioning and more pleasing home.  The same goes as we spring clean our mind.  As we start "thinking on these things" Holy Spirit reveals what needs to be fixed, updated or replaced.

boy fishing I read a story the other day about a boy who went fishing for his supper.  He set up a little camp and got everything laid out for the fire to cook the fish he would catch. Then he took his pole and sat down by the lake ready to reel in his supper.  A short time later, he got a bite and reeled in an impressive fish.  The boy looked at his catch, removed it from the hook, and threw it back into the water.  A nearby fisherman had been watching him and now he was puzzled.  So he asked the boy why he had thrown away such a good fish. " Well", the boy replied," that fish was at least 12 inch long and my pan is only 9 inches."

 You laugh at this boys thinking, but many times you are doing the same thing.  You get set and comfortable with the size of your pan and what it can do..You can't see the possibilities a 12" fish bring.  If you notice this happening to you, it's time for some spring cleaning. 

So what are some things that are dictating the size of fish we can cook and what do we do about them?

Not obeying what God is saying.  There is a promise for every problem we face in the Word of God.  Most of them are an If/then type. For example, Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.  We delight and He gives.  Find your promise and see if you are obeying His instructions.
Not listening to the still small voice.  How many opportunities have I missed or faced problems that could have been avoided if I would have listened?   It is that voice inside that tells you to stop for gas at this station or grab you umbrella today.  As a born again believer,  the Holy Spirit is that still, small voice working for us.  Practice listening to it.
Seeing yourself and those around you in the old season  Have you ever been to a family or high school reunion?  Those you haven't seen for years don't recognize who you are.  They only know you as you were back then, not as you are now.  Sometimes we fall into that same rut.  We see ourselves as we were, viewing our present thru the lens of our past.  But God sees our present thru the lens of our future-the future He has planned for us.  This is a "think on these things" home improvement project that should be tacked immediately!
Lack of creative thinking with God   That little boy needed some creative thinking to fully take advantage of the opportunity placed before him.  God had bless him with more than enough, but instead of going to God and asking for the solution, he let his catch go. Instead of sharing supper with the fisherman next to him, they both went hungry.  God promises us wisdom in every situation if we only ask.  I'll bet the old fisherman would have known what to do with a 12" fish and a 9" frying pan!  God enjoys giving you a fish that is bigger than your frying pan so you can work with Him to find the way to get it cooked.  Ask!
fish on rocks


So what size is your frying pan?  Are you allowing your age, education, physical ability or past and present circumstances to determine the size.  It maybe your pan is in need of a good cleaning and restoration.  As you spring clean your mind with the promises of God, you pan will be restored.  And maybe it is time to let go of that old pan, just throw it out and get a new one.  As you "think on these things"  it will be easier to see if it just needs a good cleaning, restoration, or it needs to be replace.  

 old hanging frying pan

Since we are taking about cleaning and frying pans, I wanted to share this on the care of iron skillets.  We love using cast iron to cook with.  They are easy to clean, last forever, and somehow food just taste better.  I like that you can start a meal on the stove top and finish in the oven.  And they are great for cooking over an open fire outside.  If you enjoy cast iron cooking, visit my Cast Iron Pinterest page!  https://www.pinterest.com/jodeeschrlau/recipes/cast-iron/


delighting in spring cleaning

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Great reminder, Jodee! All too often I forget that I am finite and God is infinite with infinite resources. I can do all things through him!

Anita Ojeda

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