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WHAM Scripture Study Journal

WHAM Scripture Study Journal

Have you ever been reading your Bible and WHAM a scripture jumps out at you? When that happens the Holy Spirit is urging you to 


Pay attention. 

Get ready to receive it. 

He has a lightning bolt of revelation coming your way!

This journal is to help you dig deeper into those scriptures so you can receive that lightning bolt of revelation. And have fun doing it!

What's included:

  • Coil bound for ease of use
  • Write your own table of contents page
  • 12 sections, one for each month for you to dig deeper with the scripture that WHAMED you.
  •  Journaling pages: 2 Write, 2 Hear pages, 1 More
  •  Action planning: 1 page for brainstorming your plan and 1 page for your plan
  •  Pocket pages:  each section includes pages for you to make a pocket to hold additional writings, photos, cards, etc.  Just fold and glue as directed, reinforce with tape if desired.
  •  Bookmarks:  3 bookmarks you can cut and use.
  •  Encouraging quotes and sayings:  Each section begins with some fun and encouraging quotes and sayings.

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