Adore: Delighting in the Lord

Adore: Delighting in the Lord

Today's Prompt: Adore**

Adore means to regard with the utmost esteem, love, and respect; to pay divine honor to; worship. 


How do you adore God? One way is to delight in Him.




31 Days of Delight is a series of devotional blogs I wrote several years ago. I use it as a devotional in January to start the year on the right foot. I didn't start it in January, so I'm doing it for the 31 days in March. Taking time to adore and delight in the Lord will be a great way to lead into Easter.   I invite you to join me on this delightful journey.


In it, you will look at scriptures that teach and encourage you on what delighting in the Lord looks like. And you will discover what delights Him (spoiler alert-you are what delights Him). The blogs are short reads, but each day includes an Exercise in Delight. This exercise is something you can do to put action to your delight.


exercise in delight


Psalms 37:4 reveals that as you delight in the Lord, He will give you the desire of your heart. The word for delight here means to bend toward or be inclined toward. Inclining yourself toward the desires God places in your heart is an act of worship. 


This devotional has its own space on Blogger now. I'll also be posting it on jodelights! Facebook page and Instagram @ jodelights7 in March.


Join me as we set time aside to adore and delight in our Savior.


31 Days of Delight


Lent starts tomorrow, February 22nd, and Easter is on April 9th this year. What are you doing to prepare for this holiday?


**This post is part of the #write28days Challenge, writing and posting EVERY DAY in February



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One of my favorite verses from the Psalms! Delighting and adoration are so closely related!


I love that scripture, Jodee. I learned to stand upon it when I was going through my time of infertility. I had to learn to delight in the Lord whether I received what I asked for or not. (But I did end up getting my heart’s desire!)

Jerralea Winn Miller

I love how you connect the dots for us between adore and delight, Jodee! I do delight in things I adore.

Lisa notes

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