Encouragement from a Wishing Well Project

Encouragement from a Wishing Well Project

Homemade wishing well

Recently, I was asked to help with decorating for an outdoor engagement party.
During a brainstorming session with the hostess, we came up with the idea of a wishing well. The guests would fill out cards with their wishes for the couple and drop them into the well.


It started out simple-just a few bricks and a bucket, but then I looked on Pinterest (does that happen to you?).  I found some pictures of wishing wells made from old tires, and a bigger idea started to form. We had a couple of tires we needed to get rid of.  I could use the tires for the well,  some scrap wood for the sides and roof.  The finished project would be a lot nicer than the bricks and bucket idea I started with.


Then Steve came home and asked what I was doing.


 I explained my plan, but he thought it was a little crazy and couldn't grasp my vision. He should know by now that my crazy ideas always (well, most of the time) turn out awesome!   With a little more explanation on my part, he started to catch the vision.  The more he worked with me, the more enthused he became.  Soon, my little craft project went in a whole new direction. It turned into something that far exceeded my original vision.


When it was finished, not only did we have an awesome decoration for the party, we now have a wonderful addition to our garden. Steve is hoping our guests and neighbors will toss money into it, but I plan on using it as a planter, so he's out of luck there.

 wishing well

 God's wishing well for you is filled with good wishes.

During my coffee time with Jesus, I started thinking about how my little project turned into a sturdy, 6 foot wishing well.  I realized that is how God works in our lives sometimes.  God's wishing well for you is filled with good wishes. Those wishes far exceed anything we could wish for ourselves.


When I started working as a part-time sales clerk, I never dreamed that I would become a store manager.  I couldn't imagine myself managing multiple stores or training new managers.  However, that was God's plan all along. My plan was to make a little money to support my fabric addiction, God's plan was a career to support my family.


 Sometimes we develop a great idea, possess a big dream, or come up with an audacious vision.  We start making plans, but then God steps into our ideas, dreams, and visions.

What we thought was great, big, and audacious is just the beginning of what He has planned for us.  He always wishes for more.


So even though His wishes for us far exceed what we wish for ourselves,  it is His goodness that we don't see all he has planned. If you had told me I needed to build the wishing well we did, I would have said no.  I would have told you we didn't have the supplies, the expertise, or the time.  The part-time sales clerk would never believe she would be successfully managing not only one store, but multiple stores at the same time.  It was too much for her to comprehend from where she was at.


God knows you inside and out.  He knows how much you can receive without you getting overwhelmed and giving up.  He is invested in your success and wants to walk this journey with you.  You may only see the next few steps, but He has gone ahead of you preparing the way.


So here is a bit of truth

Whatever you have going on now, those plans you have, God's ideas are bigger.   Invite Him into your project, trust in His guidance, and you will be amazed at what happens.


 God used my wishing well project as a little reminder of how He works.  I hope you are as encouraged as I am.  What I am planning now is only a stepping stone to what He has planned for my future.

 Esh. 3:20 Wishing well

What about you?  Can you look back and see where God's plan was bigger than yours?    Maybe you don't have the advantage of age the way I do, with the ability to look back and see how God worked.   So let me assure you, God is working. Someday you will look back and see what He has done.


What are you doing now?  What plans are you making?  Exercise your imagination. Where could God be leading you?


Think about it, then tells us in the comments.  Your story will encourage others on their journey.


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It turned out so beautiful Jodee! God has gifted you in so many ways. Blessings and love.

Dawn Jones

Jodie that was very refreshing what you said. Sometimes life goes a little crazy in many ways. God blesses us in so many ways and we are very thankful for his guidance.


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