His Favorite Child

His Favorite Child

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Growing up, I was the favorite child.  Everybody said so - unless they said my sister was the favorite.

As a mother, each of my children has been my favorite child at some point.  We try hard not to show favoritism and make sure each child feels special, accepted, and loved. But, secretly, every child wants to believe they are the favorite.  Dr. Ellen Libby describes how thinking this affects a child's life.

 "These children believe that they are adored more than anyone else in the family, that they have won the quintessential prize of being the most cared for in the family by this important parent. Holding this belief, children feel confidence and power. They grow up trusting in their abilities to impact positively on the world and to take on important challenges, such as solving the problems of hunger and disease, or excelling in literature, sports, or the arts." 
From <https://www.huffpost.com/entry/the-favorite-child-unrave_b_512154>


You are the favorite child of God.  

The dictionary describes favored as someone treated or thought of with great kindness, preference, or partiality. A favorite child is endowed with special gifts and talents and enjoys advantages and privileges others do not. That sounds like you!

I've heard favor described as demonstrated delight. I love that! Father God shows His great pleasure in you by bestowing grace upon you. You are always on His mind, and He is thinking good thoughts about you. He has made plans for you and prepared the way. The unique gifts and talents God has bestowed upon you show His favor. You enjoy the advantages and privileges that come from being a child of God.

girl receiving gifts

How to tell you are favored. 

To paraphrase Dr. Libby, as a favorite child of God, you believe you are adored and have won the quintessential prize of being the most cared for by Father God. Your confidence and power come from knowing your Father loves you and will do anything you ask. As you grow in grace and His favor, you will trust the gifts and abilities He has given you to impact the world positively. You'll meet every challenge knowing He has given you everything necessary to overcome and conquer it.

When you think of someone who is a favored child of God, you think of someone in whose life we see tangible evidence of God's approval. The Bible record many such occurrences.

  • Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord, and he was given the skills to build the first boat. Genesis 6:8. 
  •  Abraham found favor, and the Lord stayed for supper and gave them the news of when their son would be born. Genesis 18:3.  
  • Moses found favor, and God's presence was with Him, and He persuaded God not to abandon Israel. Exodus 33:12-17. 
  • Gideon's request for a sign was granted because he was favored. Judges 6:17.

Do you know you are Father's favorite child?  

Think about it for a minute. You will see tangible evidence of His approval. You will recognize times in your life when you experience kindness or partiality. I was graced with a front-row parking space at Sam's Club yesterday. Maybe somebody paid for your coffee or groceries this week. I've seen this in Steve's life when he could identify a problem, and fix it even though it was beyond his skill set.

How does being the Father's favorite child show up in your life? If you take the time to look, you will see a lot of evidence that you are His favorite child. Be confident and proud of that fact.

 Leave a comment and brag about it! It's ok - I'm his favorite child too!

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Oh what joy to know that I am God’s favorite.

Mandy Farmer

Demonstrated delight! That’s good!!
I am taking this beautiful thought with me. Favored by God, I am and you are…

Lisa Brittain

I love this post. You see I was an only child, I can relate to this, be we don’t have to compete for His love, He loves each of us as if we are the only one.

Rebecca Jones

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