Marvelous DNA

Marvelous DNA

Marvelous DNA

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a nucleic acid that contains the genetic instructions for the development and function of living things. From <>

For Christmas last year, my son got me a DNA test from 23 & me.  Since I am adopted, I was not privy to my biological heritage growing up.  I did have the privilege of meeting my birth mother and got enough information to start some research via  It was nice to have some of that research validated.  In case you are interested, my results were:

United Kingdom, Ireland-52.7%. French & German- 24.3%, Scandinavian 3.3%, Broadly Northwestern European-17.8%, Broadly Southern European-.09%, Broadly European-0.6% , Native American-0.2%, unassigned-.0.1%

 It was interesting to see that the most likely regions my ancestors came from matched up with what I had learned from my research.  For example, my great-grandmother was from Bern, Switzerland.  Switzerland was include in the French & German percentage;  It says "we found the strongest evidence of your ancestry in the following 1 region: Canton of Bern."

What was surprising was some of the other things they got from my DNA.  Things like what time I'm likely to wake up (6:41), whether I'm prone to mosquito bites(yes), and ability to match musical pitch( less likely). 


Psalm 139:15

This got me to thinking about Psalms 139.   God used DNA  to create each of us.    We are not a genetic accident, but were formed carefully and skillfully by a God who loves us.  Think about this, all DNA for every person was in Adam.  When He created Eve, she got a portion of that DNA.  Each of their children got a different combination of that DNA, their grandchildren a different combination and so on down through the generations.

 We often think about this in relation to Jesus being born as the son of David.  But have you thought about how it applies to you?  I recently came across a genealogy site that traced Steve's family back to Adam.  Steve's DNA was kept from being wiped out in the flood, preserved through 1000 years of Irish kings killing each other, 500 years of Scottish rulers, before settling in the new world and facing Indians, Mexican robbers and the San Francisco Fire. At one time the entire Scottish line was killed by rivals except those babies in the womb-one of which was an ancestor of Steve's.

Now to you.  God knew exactly what He needed and wanted you to be. You were planned before Adam was formed.  He carefully chose the DNA that would be you, preserved it in every generation since Adam.  When it was time for you to be born, He had made sure the DNA needed to form you was in your parents.  Then He carefully and skillfully chooses what He needs and weaves it together to make you. Talk about mind boggling!  The more science uncovers about how we are made, the more we can agree with the Psalmist when he declares:

      I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

      Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

 It is amazing how we got here!  I'm so glad you made it. Do you know of  ways God preserved your DNA through the generations?  I'd love to hear your story.  Leave a comment of send me an email.


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I love that you did that. Our daughter is adopted and I bet she would love to do that. May be a good idea to get her for a special day. Thanks for sharing. I am your neighbor on #Write28Days

Karen Sebastian-Wirth

That’s amazing to be able to trace back your lineage all the way to Adam! I’d love to do that too and see how the Peruvian Indians (my heritage) go all the way back to Adam and Eve. I’m sure in heaven we will get a chance to study this and more.


My s-i-l did the same test. So interesting! I love how God put each of us together so uniquely.

Lisa notes

WOW!! I hear all the stories on the advertisements for 23 & Me, and they sound so amazing. I never thought it all back to these verses and how God actually preserved our DNA specifically for US!!! For ME and for YOU!!! Loved this post!! Thank you for sharing!

Barbara London

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