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Marvelously Formed

Jodee Schrlau

Marvelously Formed


Yesterday we talked about How God preserved the DNA He needed to create us through generations.  Today we will look at how that all started. 

Genesis 1:27 AMPC So God created man in His own image, in the image and likeness of God He created him; male and female He created them.

God made the plants and animals "after its or their kind", but man was made differently.  This difference is because man was made in the image and likeness of God.

Let's imagine:  Picture a time before the earth began.  There is a council meeting going on. God the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit are all present.  They have had fun creating the blueprints for all the plants and animals but the most important blueprint has yet to be finished.  They have to come up with a never before imagined creation they call man.  Every detail must be right because man is to be a visible and understandable representation of who they are. This man will rule on the soon to be formed planet called Earth.

  What should his body look like? After all, that is the body Jesus will be stuck with for the rest of eternity. In fact is is a body all of God's children will have. They conclude for man to rule he should have an upright posture and walk on two legs. So they determine how the skeletal structure should be designed.  They deliberate over the senses man will have, how he will see, hear, smell, touch. They design a brain to regulate it all and include a tongue and voice so man is capable of speech.  No detail is left out, every part of this body is discussed and defined before adding to the whole.  Finally, they have it: the form in which God wishes to reveal Himself.  The form Jesus will take to represent the Father to a fallen world. 

Then they begin.  The earth is formed to the exact specifications man will need to survive.  Plants for food and beauty and animals for companionship are placed in a beautiful garden.  This will be the home of man, where He will walk and talk with God and the place where he will rule the earth from. 

 Finally the big day comes-Day 6 of creation.  Carefully following the blueprints they agreed upon, God forms mans body out of the dust of the earth.  I imagine Him stepping back at this point and saying, "What do you think, guys?  Is this not the best we have created yet?" After a little bit of "good job" to each other, they prepare for the finale.  Angels look at each other puzzled, wondering what is happening.  They can sense the anticipation in the air.  Everything has been building up to this moment and they are too excited to wait any longer. Taking a deep breath, God breathed His breath into man. 

In that breath was the very spirit of God, giving man the capacity for knowing God and communing with Him.  He had emotions so he could respond to God's love and choose to love Him back.   He was now a spirit living in a body, the very likeness of God.  Not an exact copy, but a living soul capable of thinking, creating and working with God to see His will be done on earth.

Adam and Eve in the garden

We are not evolved apes or a group of cells that climbed out of the slime.  We are not an accident of nature.  We are carefully planned and executed to the exacting standards of God, our creator.   There has never been anything as great and wonderful as man, the most marvelous of all God's creation.  Man, both male and female, is an expression of the divine nature God, so excellent we are called the sons of God.

And you, beloved of God, are one of those marvelous creations called Man. You may not like the way you look, but God does.  He created you exactly like He wanted as a visible representation of who He is. 

 Have you ever wondered what that first conversation between God and Adam was like?  Send me your thoughts, I love to hear them.

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