Review and Renew your Expectations

Review and Renew your Expectations

It's July and half of 2019 is gone!  Can you believe that?  In so many ways it has been a wonderful year but I believe that the last half of 2019 will be even better!   I felt the Lord saying to us it was time to review and renew your expectations.   It is time to take another look at our goals and dreams for 2019 and evaluate where we are at.  He hasn't forgotten what He promised you or the plans you made with Him.  He wants to reinvigorate you so you can finish this year strong!

 review and renew your expectations


Let's do this to review.  Take some time to go back to the beginning of the year.  Find your journal and look at what you wrote down then.  Take another look at your vision board.  Remember the way you felt anticipating a new year and all the things you wanted to do.  Recapture the joy of partnering with Holy Spirit to accomplish them.  Now, refill your coffee, grab your journal or a notepad. Find a comfortable spot and answer some of these questions.


  • What was your word for the year?
  • List the ways that word has worked in your life.
  • What were your goals?
  • Which ones have you completed?
  • Do you need to adjust some of them to fit your life as it is now?
  • Which ones have you decided to let go of and why?
  • What were your dreams, hopes and expectations for the year?
  • What did God promise you for 2019?
  • Where have you seen God move to make them come to pass?
  • Which ones are you still waiting to happen this year?
  • What are you doing to cooperate with God to see them happen?


 cocoon into butterfly Philippians 1:6

Renew your Expectations.

Living by faith in the Lord is to live in expectation that what He promised will become a reality in our life.  As you know if you follow my blog, I don't set a lot of goals for the year, but pray for a guiding word.  This year my word was thrive.   I heard the Lord say "I want you to go from survive to thrive.  You need to adjust your thinking, your attitude and prayers to thriving, not just getting by."

As I look back over the year so far, I'm asking myself where has God taken me from survive to thrive?  Have I adjusted my thinking, my attitude and prayers as He said? Am I setting goals that reflect thriving and not surviving?   Sadly, I still have  "survive" thinking and attitudes that creeps in.  But I can look back and see places where I'm now thriving more than just surviving. 

So how do we renew our expectations?  We decide to adjust our thinking, our attitudes and prayers with expectation added again!  We use our imagination to see how He wants to work among us and what we want to see Him do.  Then pray that it will happen and look with great expectation for Him to work.

 I recently read  this. "We are no longer living in the Que Sera Sera era, whatever will be will be. That time died with Doris Day!  We must determine in our hearts to move into the grand plan set before us."  I  had to ask myself "Am I living a Que Sera Sera life or am I living in faith and expectation of what He said will come to pass?  Truthfully, there are places in my life that I have slipped into Que Sera Sera thinking. It is time for me to step up and start acting in faith once again.

What about you?  It takes a lot of courage and discipline to remain hopeful, expecting God to show up after you have been waiting on His promises so long.   I know you have been disappointed at times.  I know you want to give up, stop believing, and let go of those expectations because you don't want another disappointment.  So you tell yourself not to get your hopes up.  If it is supposed to happen it will. I know, I've been there many, many times. Along with God, you set your grand plan for 2019 at the start of the year.  You started out strong, partnering with God to see that plan happen.  Don't give up now! You're half way there.  God is faithful.  He began this good work with you and will see it through to the end.   Who knows, tomorrow might be the day that changes everything.

looking a mountains

So this month, take some time to look at your God-given dreams, goals and plans.  Look, look again with expectation, then look deeper with the God of the impossible.  You may be surprised at what you see!

Let me know how your year is going and where you are seeing God show up and show off in your life!  Leave a comment or email me.  I love hearing from you!

have a delightful day, Jodee


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What a lovely, encouraging letter to believers! Thank you so much. Your words were what I needed to hear. Madison


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