Leave Room for Dessert!

Leave Room for Dessert!


Today's Prompt:  Leave

Remember hearing the phrase "be sure you leave room for dessert" as you are sitting down to a delicious dinner?  All the while you are savoring the meat and potatoes, you're anticipating what comes next.


For me, a delightful life must include dessert.  While grandma's noodles or aunties' salad may be delectable, it's the dessert that gets raved about.  Whether it is a decadent chocolate cake, a bowl of fresh berries topped with sweet whipped cream, or a nutty butter bar with a buddy, a good meal isn't complete without that extra bite of sweetness at the end.


Because there are only two of us, I've had to adjust my baking.  A whole cake or pie is way more than we should eat.  So, I've been collecting some great dessert recipes for two on Pinterest.  You can check them out on my Dessert for Two board.


The same applies to our time with the Lord.  We feast on His Word, spend time praying for ourselves and others, but so often we get up from the table without taking the time to listen.  His voice speaking to us is that little bite of sweetness that tops off the whole meal.


Next time you're spending time with the Lord, remember to leave room for dessert.  Just like a meal isn't complete with dessert, your time with Him isn't complete until you feel the sweetness of His loving arms and hear the whisper of His voice deep in your spirit.


Bon Appétit!

**This post is part of the #write28days Challenge, writing and posting EVERY DAY in February

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You had me at dessert—especially Nutty Buddy bars (they just came out with Nutty Buddy ice cream!!!). I love your analogy. I’m often guilty of not leaving ‘room’ for listening.

Anita Ojeda

A great illustration, Jodee! His voice is sweet!

Lisa Blair

What a wonderful message to leave room for Jesus after my daily devotional. I will certainly be thinking about this moving forward, and I am excited to what I savor from this suggestion.


I always like to leave room for dessert. :) I heard a great sermon once on holding on to your fork; God always has more good things coming.

Lisa notes

How do I find you on Pinterest? I would love to look at your dessert recipes for two. Can you please email me?

Teresa DeLange

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