Persistence to Finish

Persistence to Finish

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Those of us with creative minds have to learn persistence. I think it is a little bit harder for us than the general population. We often have several different ideas running through our minds at the same time. We start one project, and that triggers ideas for several more. The focus and persistence to finish a project is a discipline we need to develop to be successful.  


Persistence, determination, tenacity, faithfulness; are traits that please the Lord. In Matt. 25:23, he says this to those who persisted in using the talents He gave them.


Well done, good and faithful servant, 
you have been faithful over a few things, 
I will make you ruler over many things. 
 Enter into the joy of your Lord. 


God wants us to finish well, so He uses a variety ways to teach us what He needs us to know. Quilting is one of the ways He uses to teach me persistence.


In most areas of my life, I like projects that are accomplished quickly. 

But for some reason, I like quilting. To complicate matters further, I enjoy hand quilting. It is impossible to make a quilt, start to finish, in one sitting. 

I know because I have tried.

So, to help keep my focus and actually finish the quilts I start, I try to limit myself to three at a time. I have one in the planning stage, one in the construction process, and one being quilted. I say try because, you know, a creative mind with too many ideas. So, even though I have plans for more quilts than I will ever finish. and find more every week, I try to focus on only three at a time.


 The Merriam-Webster dictionary says persistence is the act of stubbornly continuing to do something. Another dictionary describes it as obstinate continuance in a course of action, despite the difficulty.


You wouldn't think there would be much difficulty in quilting. 

However, any hand quilter knows the perils. Hand cramps and sore fingers are just the beginning. Rough callouses on your fingers ruin your stockings every time. You find a block that is pieced wrong after starting to quilt it. Pins fall out and land on the floor, poised so that the only way you will find it is when you step on it. I've run the quilting needle through my fingers too many times to count. Once I sewed my hand to the quilt. I had to call Steve to cut me out.


Despite all this, I continue to hand quilt many of my quilts. 

I like the old fashion look hand quilting gives a quilt. I also find it to be a great stress reliever. Sitting at the frame, I can pray and talk to God, watch TV or listen to music. When finished, I have a beautiful work of art that will be a blessing for years to come.


Persistence is a factor for any success you achieve in life. It is through this that your talents and gifts become perfected and rewarded. 

Nobody achieves excellence without persisting through trials, errors, and failures.  


Today is a new day with new mercies and grace. I encourage you to renew your determination to persist until you have finished the project God has called you to do. Visualize His face as He says, "Well done, good and faithful servant. I know that the last assignment took some perseverance on your part. I'm so pleased you didn't give up. Let's celebrate your job well done!"


Where are you on the journey of learning persistence? What methods has God used to teach you about this?


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I’m so grateful for those of you who do hand quilting! It’s a true gift to the world. I appreciate your 3-prong approach. That’s how I feel about writing projects and about reading books. :)

Lisa notes

I did a quilt square for my “Appalachian Arts” class in college. I never appreciated just how much work goes into a quilt before that. I’m in awe of those of you with the persistence to do an entire quilt!


Persistence yields the voice of God saying, “Well done, good & faithful servant”.

Barb Hegreberg

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