Reflection Is A Valuable Tool

Reflection Is A Valuable Tool

Today's Prompt: Reflection**

This year at Christmas, when my son was home with his wife, we spent time going through scrapbooks I had made. As we were looking through them, I realized I hadn't added any pages for several years. All those memories and pictures are stored online. Unless I print the photos out and scrapbook them, we will not have them to reflect back on as we sit around the table.

The ability to reflect on our life, laugh at ourselves, and learn about others is valuable. For me, reminiscing and sharing stories are part of my delightful life.


 God sees reflection as an important part of our life also. In Joshua 4, the Lord instructs the children of Israel to create a memorial out of stones, encouraging them to remember how they crossed the Jordan. So when their children asked about them, they would be told this story. God knew it would be necessary for Israel to reflect on what He had done. They would need this reminder for the upcoming battle for the promised land they were about to face.  Their children would need to know about what God had done for His people and would do for them.


If you listen closely, you can almost hear them.


"Hey Grampa, tell us the story about those stones!"
"You kids want to hear about those stones again? Isaac, you remember. You were one of the twelve men that  put them there. There was one man from each tribe of Israel, right? Do you want to tell the story? 
 No? Ok, I'll do it this time.
 I remember it like it was yesterday. We'd been camped on the banks of the Jordan for right around three days, wondering how we were going to get all the people across it safely. Joseph thought we could build a raft, but it would never have worked. It was harvest time and that water was just too swift. Besides, it would have taken too long to get us and our stuff across. Then, Joshua's man came by and told us to watch the Ark. He said to follow it, not too close mind you. But follow where it leads, and we'd see something wondrous.
So that is what we did. When the feet of the priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant touched Jordan’s water, that water just stopped—the water coming from upstream piled up in a heap. I've never seen anything like it. Think about it. God, the Master of the entire earth, crossed the Jordan while we watched. 
Then we all followed, the whole nation went across the Jordan, and not one of us got a wet foot. Your Grandma slipped once, but I caught her. Evie lost her headscarf, but one of the nice ladies behind us picked it up and returned it. Joshua told us the Lord was going to do something amazing, and He sure did. Walking across the Jordan like that, seeing that water piled high, was wonderous, but we were sure glad to get to the other side."


 Stories told generation from generation are precious, but easily forgotten.  That is the joy of having something tangible to aid your memories. That pile of rocks gave them the opportunity to share the wonders God had done.

 Scrapbooks, photo albums, letters, and journals all do this for us.  They are our form of those stones of remembrance. I remember spending hours with Mom reading letters my great-great aunt had saved. We had so much fun reading about the everyday lives of her and her sisters. We even learned a few secrets that had been kept hidden.

 Nowadays, most of our photos are on a phone or computer. It can be expensive to print them, then decide which to use in a scrapbook. If that is your case, you might want to try digital scrapbooking. 

There are templates you can drop your pictures in, and easily add journaling. One of my favorites is Canva. Here is an example.

 Canva scrapbook page

They have a free version that will work nicely. I use it to create the graphics and photos for my blog and the notebooks I sell. If you are unsure how to use Canva, there are many tutorials that will get you started. Also, I'd be glad to help; just send me an email.

Once your book is ready, you can download it to a print-on-demand company like Lulu or Blurb. They will print one or more copies for you.

Keeping a prayer journal is another excellent way to pass on the wonderful and amazing things God does in your life.  Keeping letters and postcard is another.


How are you leaving memorials for your children and grandchildren?


**This post is part of the #write28days Challenge, writing and posting EVERY DAY in February

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I love the storytelling grandpa! Yes, we must tell our stories and having something to look at and remind us is helpful as we pass the legacy on to the next generations.


Yes, I love the term “stones of remembrance.” In fact, my first blog has a section titled Stones of Remembrance, and I file all the funny family stories I can remember under that tag. I have done a bit of scrapbooking, but that is another activity I’m saving to do when I retire and have extra time!

Jerralea Winn Miller

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